Best Cooling Gel Pillows: Pros And Cons

Best Cooling Gel Pillow

Orthopedic gel pillows provide natural support to the head and neck during sleep. Thanks to the massage effect, the cooling gel pillow will help you to keep your youth and beauty.

Cool gel pillow will help you to relax your muscles during sleep, give you coolness and freshness for the whole night. Gel – is absolutely non-toxic material (direct contact with the skin is possible). The best cooling pillow made by brand manufactures are well ventilated, and also do not heat up under the influence of external temperature.

Sleep on the orthopedic memory foam pillow with cooling gel is especially pleasant in the hot season. In addition, rest on such a cushion helps with migraine or headache. A cooling gel memory foam pillow will be great to those who are feeling hot even under a thin blanket, and who complains about excessive sweating at night.

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Types of gel pillows

The memory foam cooling pillows can have the usual or anatomical form – in fact, this determines their main differences. You can buy a tempurpedic cooling pillow with a gel that has gel inserts only on one side, but there are also a two-sided cushions.

The cooling memory foam pillow with gel has many names: it is a gel pillow, and a model with a techno-gel, and even a cooling pillow. But, despite the different names, the design and effect of these cooling gel pillows are the same.

What are the main gel pillow advantages?

The name of the orthopedic cool gel pillow was derived from the name of the gel used as the outer layer of such cushions. Thanks to this gel, these pillows have not only orthopedic properties, but also an unexpected and curious effect of feeling a refreshing coolness.

The cooling memory foam pillow material:

– finely adjusted to the shape of your body;
– evenly distributes the weight of the body along the pillow;
– provides back support;
– relieves muscle tension.

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The gel surface of such orthopedic cooling pillows:

– has a massage effect for soft skin of the face and neck;
– gives a refreshing cosmetic effect;
– pleasantly cooling face, reducing sweating even in summer heat.

The cons of such memory foam cooling pillows:

Despite of their advantages, an orthopedic cooling pillows with gel have also some disadvantages. The first and, perhaps, their main drawback, turning away from buying most of the buyers, is the exceptionally high price of these cushions.

The second drawback is certain difficulties with taking care of them. For example, these pillows can not be washed. Finally, the effect of coolness can simply may negatively affect a sleep, and will require time for addiction.


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