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Choosing healthy pillow fiilers: polyurethane foam, latex & memory foam pillows

Thanks to the use of elastic and moderately soft materials, tempur-pedic pillows reduce pressure in the inter-vertebral discs, relax the muscles of our spine, normalize blood circulation, relieve muscle spasms of the neck and shoulders, contributing to complete relaxation of the body during sleep. The shape of the orthopedic pillow repeats the natural curves of the neck and head and has a form of a rectangle with two rollers of different diameters. The larger diameter roller is placed under the neck, and the head lies on the smaller diameter roller – thus, the anatomically correct position of the cervical spine is achieved.

Polyurethane foam pillows

Polyurethane foam (artificial latex) is an affordable, elastic and hypoallergenic material that retains its shape for a long time and does not fall off after washing. Thanks to its anatomical shape, polyurethane foam pillow softly support the head and neck in the most correct and natural position. Some models are permeable to air – thanks to a special perforation, an ideal microclimate is created on the surface of such cushion.

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Orthopedic memory foam pillows

A special foam with a memory effect is a foam polyurethane with a porous structure of cells, a thermosensitive, viscoelastic, hypoallergenic material that provides complete muscle relaxation, normal blood supply to the brain and, as a result, an excellent complexion, absence of bruises and bags under the eyes. Under the influence of heat and weight, a memory foam pillow is pressed into the shape of the head and neck, so that the pressure is distributed evenly over the entire contact surface, the vessels are not pinched and the spine is in a relaxed position. These foam pillows with memory effect prevent human back problems and provide a deep and healthy sleep.

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Orthopedic latex pillows

Natural foam latex is obtained from the milky juice of rubber plants. The best latex pillows as a tempur-pedic contour pillow, tri-core orthopedic pillow and others have increased elasticity, easily take the necessary shape and are quickly restored. The anatomical shape of latex pillows provides a high level of their orthopedic influence, which means that sleep on such a cushion will always be calm and deep. Natural latex has a spongy structure and is well ventilated.

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Shape of orthopedic pillows

The optimal shape of the orthopedic pillow also correlates with the position in which the person usually sleeps. In this case, everything is extremely simple: lovers of sleeping on their stomachs doctors recommend orthopedic pillows of the usual form, oblong, but without rollers. Those who sleep on their backs or on their sides need orthopedic pillows with rollers. It is worth noting that the orthopedic pillows with two rollers sometimes require an adaptation to sleep on them. It may not seem comfortable for those people who were sleeping on a too high or too soft pillows a long time. The adaptation usually lasts no longer than a week.

Comfortable cervical contour pillow

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Body Pillow

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