How to choose the best cervical contour pillow?

How to choose the best cervical contour pillow?

The pillow is not an ordinary rectangle, which made of cloth and stuffed with a soft material, but a faithful helper supporting our head in the right position for more than a third of life. Only a few people pay attention to the choice of bedding, which directly affects the quality of a night’s sleep.

Basic tips for choosing the best cervical support pillow

When choosing a good cervical pillow, it is mainly necessary to pay attention to its height and stiffness. And also take into account your favorite sleep position and your anatomical characteristics. In any case, you can be sure that if you sleep on an uncomfortable pillow, you risk getting serious problems with your neck and back, and this leads to bad feeling after awakening. During sleep, your spine should be in a relaxed position, beginning with the cervical region of your spine.

When choosing a cervical support pillow, you need to pay attention to its size – it must correspond to the width of your shoulders, and most importantly – you must not allow the head to slide during the whole sleep.

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The height of the cervical contour pillow is also crucial. Since a high cervical pillow or too small one can lead to increased curvature of the neck and back. If you drop your head from the sitting position, the body will necessarily take the wrong position. And as a result of sleep in this position, an incorrect posture is formed, tightening of the muscles supporting the head, leading to severe pain in the neck and back. A high cushion also causes the spine to take a wrong position during sleep, which subsequently causes a lot of unpleasant symptoms after waking up.

The height of the tempurpedic cervical pillow is directly related to the stiffness. If the pillow is very soft, then the neck will just be buried in it, and if it’s too tight, then the neck muscles will stretch. In both cases, vertebrae are in the wrong position. Hence we can conclude that if you like to sleep on your back, then you should choose a medium-hard cushion, and if you like to sleep on your side, it’s better to take a rather rigid cervical contour pillow. Too soft cushions usually lead to poor blood circulation in a dream, which affects the skin’s elasticity, it threatens with swelling and early wrinkles.

The choice of material for the cervical memory foam pillow is also very important. People with asthma or allergies need to make a choice very carefully, especially carefully approaching the classic cushions of goose or chicken feathers. Since they often lead to the settling of a dust mite that causes the development of allergies. Hypotonics need to sleep on cervical foam pillows made of padding polyester, fluff or feather, ensuring a good blood flow to the head throughout the night. People with high blood pressure should sleep better on high feather cushions. Such materials as a polyester are very convenient for sleeping, and in addition, they have a low cost and easy to wear off in the washing machines.

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