How to choose the best goose down filled pillows

How to choose the best goose down filled pillows

It is known that if you put your hand under a pillow, it is too hard for you. The pillow must be chosen wisely, according to your personal preferences. A right chosen cushion helps the correct position of the spine, does not strain the cervical vertebrae and does not cause pain in the shoulders.

If you usually sleep on your side, you will need a hard and high down feather pillows. A soft cushion will suit more those who sleep on their backs. For those who love to sleep on their stomachs, it is better to buy a low and soft down filled pillows. The choice of right cushion is also affected by the width of the shoulders. Men usually prefer high goose down pillows, since their shoulders are wider than in women. If you feel a pain in the neck or back in the morning, your goose down feather pillow is most likely not suitable for you.

What is a down pillow?

The most traditional at all times was a goose down pillow. Thanks to these materials, the finished product is soft and lush, elastic and wear-resistant. Everyone has been accustomed to such a classic down feather pillow from childhood.

Main features of the best goose down pillows

The best down pillows are filled only with fluff of water birds. It perfectly protects the birds from the cold and overheating. One pound of down contains up to two million fluffs, which, in contact with each other, form air layers. Due to this, the down filled pillow has a good air circulation and thermal insulation. In addition, the fluff absorbs and also evaporates moisture, which is an important property, because during sleep, the human body releases about two glasses of liquid. Due to this feature of fluff, the skin of the human head during sleep remains dry and does not overheat.

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Types of the best down pillows

Most often, such cushions are filled with goose or duck down, as it is very light and soft. Goose down is larger, in comparison with duck, it is more durable, its heat-insulating properties are higher. And more valuable products from the fluff of white goose, rather than gray, because there are more white geese than a grey ones in nature. The goose or duck down is collected 2 – 3 times a year, while birds are not killed.

The most expensive luxury down pillows are filled with eider duck fluff. These birds live in the lands with a severe cold climate, so their down has a unique property of thermal insulation. The process of extraction of eider duck down fluff is quite labor-intensive – it is collected manually from the nests. In order not to harm the birds offspring, a soft dry hay is put instead. All this accordingly dictates a higher prices for such products.

Sometimes it is possible to meet on sale a cushions with a filler from swans down. However, swans are thermophilic birds, so they have very little fluff. It can only be collected by killing a bird, which, of course, is completely inhumane. Therefore, in the overwhelming majority of cases, a synthetic fiber is used as the filler for such cushions, which is called “artificial swan down”. By its properties, it is almost equivalent to natural fluff. These pillows are recommended to use people who are prone to allergy and asthma, because synthetic microfiber is absolutely hypoallergenic.

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Down vs feather down pillow

Elasticity of good down pillow is achieved by adding bird feathers to its down filler. The goose feather has a high strength, at the same time it is soft and light. The goose feathers have water repellent and heat-protective properties. The ratio of down and feather in the pillow is usually indicated through the sign of the fraction. For example, an indicator of 80/20 means that the filler contains 80% fluff and 20% feather. The higher the percentage of the feather in the filler, the more rigid and elastic the cushion is. And vice versa, the more fluff is contained in the pillow, the softer it is. The ratio of down and feathers is chosen by one’s choice, based on individual preferences. The content of down in a modern branded cushions (such as down dreams pillows and others) varies from 5 to 90%.

How to care for down feather pillows

An obligatory condition for using the down feather pillow is compliance with the rules of care for this product, because otherwise it may have dust mites. It is recommended to beat the pillow as often as possible, in order to restore its shape. Also, protect the product from moisture penetration, periodically ventilate it in fresh air and expose it to direct sunlight. The down pillow can not be washed, if necessary, it should be given to dry cleaning.

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