How To Choose The Best Memory Foam Body Pillow

The memory foam body pillow for women – a simple accessory, which every day becomes more popular among women, expecting the birth of a baby. It provides an opportunity do not have a problems that arise during sleep – a pains, cramps, inability to find a comfortable position. This quality accessory for sleeping made by top branding companies (eg, tempur-pedic body pillows, tri-core and many others) is multifunctional – it helps not only during pregnancy, but after the birth of the baby.

– The main function of memory foam body pillow is to give your body a comfortable position. The doctors confirmed that lying on such a cushion, the woman is resting in the position that provides complete relaxation of the muscles of the body and the amount of oxygen that enters the baby increases;
– During special exercises for the pregnant, the tempurpedic body pillows are also a good helpers;
– This cushion will be needed simply for rest, for example, it is convenient to put your feet on it after a walk. Riding in the car will also be more comfortable, if you put this accessory under your head;
– Many pregnant women are often doing an interesting things: sewing, knitting, embroidery and other needlework. If you put this cushion under your waist, you can remove tension from the back.

Buying a multifunctional best body pillow, you get at once many options for its use. It will not be a useless thing after the birth of the baby, but becomes a very necessary helper for a long time.

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The best advantages of tempur-pedic body pillows:

– They help to take a comfortable and correct position on the side. So blood circulation will improve, as a result – more oxygen will flow to the baby.
– The curved shape makes it possible to find the position in which the muscles of the neck and back are completely relaxed, and the baby belly is convenient to place. And different forms of such cushions help to find one that suits you.
– Such pillow can be taken with you to rest and on the road, to use when doing special exercises.
– It is useful even after the birth of the baby – will be an indispensable assistant during feeding and playing, serve as a restrictive barrier.
– The removable body pillow cases allow you to keep the cushion always clean and dry. And if you get tired of one coloring, you can easily change the body pillow covers and get a brand new accessory.
– Despite its large size, it can easily be restored in its original form.
– Made of natural materials, it is ecological, safe and hypoallergenic.

A good memory foam body pillows are a truly multifunctional, necessary during three important stages: during pregnancy, feeding and playing with the baby. This is a good choice in favor of comfort, coziness and security.

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How to choose the best body pillow?

Such pillows are very diverse in shape and size, color and filler, it remains only to decide which model is right for you.

Just keep in mind:

– A pregnancy support pillow should be not less than 5 feet in length;
– The material from which the pregnancy pillow is made, should create a complete sense of comfort for your skin;
– It is better to focus on a model whose material and filler is hypoallergenic. It will be safe for both mother and baby, and it will be a very convenient during feeding and playing with your baby on such a pillow;
– Before buying, you should clarify whether the pillow is able to keep the body shape for a long time (has it memory effect?);
– From the hygienic point of view, the body cushion should be with a removable cover.

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