What is an orthopedic pillow?

What is an orthopedic pillow?

During sleep, it supports the head in a position that promotes normal circulation of blood flow. The cervical spine is in the most comfortable position, which allows you to relax the upper part of your body. The softness of the pillow and the material from which it is made are selected in such a way that the sleep is as comfortable as possible.

How to choose the best orthopedic pillows

1. If a person likes to sleep on his back, then he should buy a pillow that will support a lower position of the head.
2. If a soft mattress is available, it is recommended that you purchase a lower height of orthopedic neck pillow.
3. If there is a habit to put a hand under your head during sleep, and in this case you need to choose a low pillow.
4. Cervical pain in the morning signals that the selected product does not correspond to the height of the shoulder.

What should you look for when choosing an orthopedic neck pillow?

1. The shape of the product.
2. Its dimensions.
3. Height.
4. The material from which it is made.

Regarding the first parameter, the doctors’ recommendations are: the width of the product should not exceed the width of the mattress. The standard length of the orthopedic contour pillow is 14-32 inches, width – 12-20 inches.

The height of the roller is the most difficult parameter of choice. Dimensions of the thickened part of the pillow are vary from 2.5 to 6.5 inches. For the vast majority of people, the best option is orthopedic contour pillows with a height of 4-5.5 inches. For broad shoulders, it is also desirable to have a hard mattress. Best orthopedic neck pillows, in general, have a sufficient degree of softness, so the difference in height of 1/2 inch will not play an essential role for comfortable sleep at night.

Orthopedic Cervical Contour Pillows

The pillows are classical and orthopedic in their form. The first are most acceptable for people who do not suffer from neck pain, as they will not have to get used to them. The orthopedic form is distinguished by the presence of one or two ridges. They, in turn, have different notches under human heads, but they carry out one role: they provide the most convenient support.

It should be paid a particular attention to the material from which the pillow is made. Some of them have a “memory effect”, that is, they are able to react to heat and pressure. Under their influence, the product takes a certain shape and is able to slowly adjust to the shape of the body. The reference material with this effect is Tempur. It has a sufficient degree of rigidity and the greatest comfort for comfortable reclining. If you consider all the parameters of choice, you can buy a comfortable and durable tempur-pedic pillow for yourself.

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